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title SHI successfully sails away the world`s largest Egina FPSO
date 2018.08.20

One of the world's largest FPSOs, after successful completion of the fabrication & Integration works in SHI MCI yard, enters into the offshore phase and sails away on 26th Aug. 2018.

 - Major risky phase of the Project is now completed

 - Mooring, hook-up and offshore commissioning proceeds favorably. Final completion in 2018

 - Project cost management is proceeding as scheduled with thorough preparation


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Photo : World's largest Egina FPSO sails away to Egina offshore field after completing works in SHI Nigeria's Lagos facilities


Egina FPSO, one of the world's largest FPSOs, being built by Samsung Heavy Industries Nigeria LTD. ("SHIN") has sailed away to Offshore from its fabrication & integration yard in Lagos, Nigeria on 26th  Aug. 2018 (Korean time) that will soon arrive in Nigeria Offshore location.

The only major balance work now is the remaining commissioning work in Offshore and to make the FPSO ready for entry of Hydrocarbon within 2018. The production from Egina FPSO of 200,000 barrels per day at peak will increase Nigerian crude oil production by 10%.

SHIN has successfully completed the Egina FPSO work in SHI-MCI yard under the stringent Nigerian local content regulations with similar safety & quality standards applicable in the Geoje shipyard in Korea. This volume of onshore work was never before accomplished in Nigeria, therefore, the major risky portion of Egina project has now been completed. This achievement has been followed by very good response from the authorities of the Nigerian government, international clients and earned major headlines in the press. This would lead SHI to gain a competitive edge in future offshore project orders to be placed in West Africa, of course including Nigeria.

In terms of history, SHI won the order to build Egina FPSO in 2013.

The FPSO is to be installed in Egina offshore field, located 200km from Nigerian shores. This mega facility is 330m in length, 61m in breadth, and 34m in height. It boasts 200,000 Barrels of production per day at the peak and 2.3 million Barrels of storage capacity with topsides weighing 60,000 tons.


The newbuild contract is for over USD 3.4 billion, a turn-key project in which Samsung covers the entire engineering, design, procurement, construction, transportation, and commissioning.


SHI earlier formed a joint venture with a Nigerian local company and established a mega production facility in Lagos, Nigeria to meet the local content requirements.  The yard (completed in October 2016), is of 120,000 square meters and has world-class construction and painting facilities as well as a robust quay wall of 500 meters, which has the unique strength in West Africa for berthing of mega size FPSOs.


The Samsung representative said "We are very proud to announce the successful completion of the first ever Nigerian onshore integration works for Egina FPSO with thorough preparation in compliance with Nigerian local content, both schedule and cost management have been proceeding as planned.” He added, "Samsung is confident of successfully completing the remaining offshore works for Egina FPSO project through close cooperation with the client Total along with its co-venturers, being supported by all relevant Nigerian government agencies including NNPC/NAPIMS, NCDMB, NPA, NEPZA, NIMASA, NIS, etc., with stringent safety and quality control".

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