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Spider Automatic Welding Robot

Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has developed a spider automatic welding robot system that enables welding works to be performed through free motion on the wall of a cargo tank. Through this system, SHI has eliminated welding faults in the cargo tank within the LNG carrier, and enhanced productivity by 400%.

An LNG carrier is comprised of 4~5 cargo tanks which are of the same size with 40 meters in height, width and length, respectively. The cargo tank is made by welding 20,000 stainless panels with 3 meters in width and 1 meter in length. Total welding length of all internal surfaces is approximately up to 50 kilometers.

SHI boasts of near-perfect quality in the LNG cargo tank construction. Welding faults urprisingly are only less than 10 mm. This perfect result comes from the spider automatic welding robot.

The existing semi-automatic robot can hardly move by itself so that it always needs an operator's help every 3 meters. Meanwhile, the spider robot can move to the desired position with using four-legs step by step and performs welding works automatically.

Compared to the existing semi-automatic robot, the spider robot can boost welding productivity four times as much as before.
In the traditional robot, two workers could weld 40 meters a day on the average; however, the spider robot could weld approximately 80 meters a day without any person's help.